15 Traveling Tips One Must Know Before Traveling Overseas!

March 8, 2010 by
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Not everyone likes to travel, but it is inevitable if you like to visit friends or relatives, or even do business overseas. It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, the following 15 traveling tips can help you smoothing your traveling overseas journey. Before you plan your traveling journey, you should always have the list in hand. Every time you should use them as a guide of checking off of these 15 traveling tips for they are very often to be neglected. Learning these 15 traveling tips is crucial. They are ensuring you to have a successful and enjoyable traveling journey.

  1. A valid passport is accepted internationally as a travel document. Many countries demand a visa to enter. If you’re required a visa, get it several months early to void spending high-fees for emergency case.
  2. Prevent to visit the country that your home country has no diplomatic relation with.
  3. For those who wear glasses/contact lens, it is recommended to bring an extra pair of glasses or carry one-time-used contact lens with you. Be sure to pack your glasses or contact lens in your easy-access bag.
  4. Be sure that you bring a xerox copy of your passport, credit card, or any value ID cards with you while traveling. Leave one set of these copies at home.
  5. For those who adopt a child overseas, you are required to obtain an immigration visa for that child in the country of adoption.
  6. Be sure that you are familiarized yourself with circumstances at destination that might affect your wellness. Be sure to check out your foreign medical insurance policy. It might not cover you overseas. Whenever you plan to stay long, you might look for buying a short-term insurance to cover you there.
  7. For security checkpoint, avoid putting on anything that contains metal. Things such as clothing, jewelry, or other accessories that contain metal should be prevented.
  8. Be very cautious about not being a target of crime. If you unfortunately become a victim of crime, get in touch with a consular officer to solve that matter.
  9. For those who are disabled travelers, checkout the criteria of accessibility in some countries. While making reservations, inform the travel agent about your disability and might request a wheelchair being brought to the gate upon your arrival.
  10. If you travel with your pet, check early to see whether you can take your pet with you. If you are permitted, ask your vet for some useful tips of traveling with your pet.
  11. Make sure your are familiarized yourself with the destination. Learn more about its culture, food, laws, and for the most part avoid known dangers.
  12. Seek advice from your doctor if you need to bring medications or fill prescriptions with you. Bring a letter from your doctor if it is required. Make sure you put your medications in your carry-on bag for easy access.
  13. Don’t bring too much cash with you for your traveling. However, be sure that you carry enough in case of an emergency. Make sure you put you money in several places.
  14. Whenever you travel with a child who has your custody, be sure that you have a passport for that child as well. If the child is not yours, be sure that you bring with you a signed, notarized paper from the parent(s).
  15. Check out what items you are or aren’t allowed to bring back with you when returning to your home country.

In summary, planning well for your traveling overseas is a must. Having the above 15 traveling tips in hand will no doubt help you making your life more proficient and convenient. You may change your perspective toward traveling overseas afterward.

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